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Through His Stomach
Title: Through His Stomach
Pairing: Kyungsoo/Yixing
Rating: G
Word Count: 1.1k
Summary: Kyungsoo has a problem with Yixing’s ideal type.
Notes: written for justgetlayd round 2

Yixing knew there would be repercussions for naming a girl as his ideal type. The hearts of fangirls are soft and easily broken and their bitterness when scorned is unrivaled. He'd prepared himself for fan backlash, some petty SNS comments and maybe even a few awkward encounters inside the SM building, but he never expected to be assaulted in his own dorm. The moment Yixing returns from the radio broadcast, Kyungsoo shoves him against the wall angrily, a surprising amount of strength in his small frame, and pins Yixing in place with an icy stare. Yixing stares back helplessly, wondering what he's done wrong.

"Luna from f(x) is your ideal type? Really? Really?" Kyungsoo asks stormily, his cold gaze making Yixing freeze up like a deer in headlights. Or a rabbit in the jaws of a predator. To tell the truth, there has always been something quite intimidating about Kyungsoo, a darkness just below the surface, like a jelly doughnut, if the jelly was laced with arsenic.

Great, now he's really craving a doughnut.

He's not sure how to respond to Kyungsoo's question. The younger boy had obviously listened to the radio broadcast and already knew that Yixing picked their label mate as his ideal woman, but Yixing is not sure why he's so upset about it - idols pick a new ideal type every day! Unless... could Kyungsoo have a crush on Luna?

It's not entirely unexpected - Luna is really sweet and talented and now that he's thinking about it, Yixing could see a lot of things she and Kyungsoo would have in common. They'd make a really cute couple, like a pair of Hummel figurines. It's not like Yixing has any real feelings for Luna, he just thinks she's a great girl, and he's about to say so to Kyungsoo, along with a promise to explain things to Luna for him, when Kyungsoo pokes a sharp finger into Yixing's bony chest. His fingers are as cool as his scowl and Yixing shrinks back from him. Each quiet word Kyungsoo utters is punctuated with another painful jab.

"If you're into pint-sized, flat-chested singers with powerful voices and cute faces, then why didn't you choose me?"

Yixing stares at him blankly. This conversation has taken an unexpected turn. Is Kyungsoo confessing to him? He worries his lip between his teeth, asking meekly, "Um, so you don't like Luna?"

Kyungsoo sighs, a short exhalation of his breath, and leans into Yixing's personal space. "Why would I care about Luna when I already like you?"

Yixing avoids his gaze, looking down at his feet and digging one toe slowly into the carpeting. "Well, she's a nice girl and-"

"Oh, you don't think I'm nice?" Kyungsoo says. Lightning fast, he slides his arm from Yixing's chest to around his neck, squeezing and pulling Yixing into a tight choke hold. Yixing coughs, his windpipe constricted painfully as he claws frantically at Kyungsoo's arm.

"You're nice! You're nice!" He says, black spots forming in front of his eyes from the lack of oxygen. Kyungsoo's arm is firm and unyielding. Yixing has never had so much sympathy for Chanyeol before. Just as he thinks he might pass out or start crying or something, Kyungsoo loosens his hold and let's him go. His thin shoulders crumple inwards and he stares up at Yixing with the full intensity of his wide eyes.

"Then why don't you like me?"

Probably because of the choking. And the slamming against the walls. All the unprovoked violence, really. Yixing sighs and brings a hand up to Kyungsoo's shoulder, rubbing comfortingly. "I like you."

They're band mates after all, and what's a little asphyxiation between friends? His mother had always taught him to be forgiving and accepting of others. Even petite creeps, boiling over with rage while professing their love to him. Kyungsoo face changes instantly and he grins brightly, settling a possessive hand on Yixing's waist.

"Great, so you agree then?"

"Agree to what?" Yixing asks slowly. The hand on his waist is frigid cold and he feels frozen in place beneath it. A pool of dread forms under his skin, dripping thickly through his veins. Kyungsoo's other hand comes up to Yixing's head, ruffling his hair like he's a particularly cute dog that has done a nice trick, before dropping down to rest against Yixing's sensitive neck.

"To be my boyfriend, you nitwit."

The insult causes Yixing to frown, but he lets it slide. There are much more pressing matters at hand. Boyfriend? Boyfriend?! He blinks. Was superfluous brutality a form of courtship to Kyungsoo? Was this what his grandmother was warning him about when he left for Korea?

"Look, Kyungsoo," He says gently, "You're not making any sense. If being my smooth-voiced tiny friend qualifies you to be my boyfriend, then couldn't you say I was dating Jongdae, too?"

It takes only a moment for Kyungsoo's eyes to go from glacial to blazing and murderous. Yixing trembles in fear. He swears he can see flames burning in Kyungsoo's pupils. When he speaks, Kyungsoo's words are low and dark, his voice dangerous.

"You're cheating on me?" he says, his grip on Yixing's neck tightening. His fingers feel like talons, nails sharp and deadly. Yixing gulps.

"Oh god no, of course not! I'd never cheat on you, Kyungsoo, I swear!"

Kyungsoo immediately softens. Releasing his claws from Yixing's skin, he grins. "Don't scare me like that, baby."

The pet name causes Yixing's lips to curl in a moue of displeasure. Kyungsoo sighs.

"Why aren't you on board, yet? I can make this good for you, Yixing."

Yixing's face scrunches, unbelieving. What upside can there possibly be in becoming Kyungsoo's involuntary boy-toy? He raises his eyebrow questioningly, a little curious what Kyungsoo has to offer. Hopefully something better than nightly lullabies and the promise that he'll try to curb the homicidal rages.

Kyungsoo leans in close. "I'm talking breakfast in bed. Homemade dinners, all your favorite foods. As many snacks as you can eat..."

At the word snacks, Yixing's stomach growls longingly. Shit, Kyungsoo is really speaking his language now. He swallows.

"I like doughnuts," he says, blinking slowly at Kyungsoo, "The jelly-filled ones."

Heart-shaped lips stretched wide, Kyungsoo grins. His hand trails down Yixing's arm, stopping to rest lightly over Yixing's knuckles. "My boyfriend can have anything he wants. You are my boyfriend, right, pookie?"

"Yes," Yixing says, linking his fingers with Kyungsoo's own. They don't seem quite as cold as before. "Yes, I am."

Yixing smiles back, his face soft and sweet, and allows Kyungsoo to lead him into the kitchen.
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*grin widely
It's 3.28 a.m in my country, and i'm here painstakingly try to muffled my laughed, it's hurt.


*pat ur shoulder.. hard
THIS.IS.GENIUSSSSSSS. 4Dyo & blank-Lay always love.. ^^

Lmao, I'm terribly sorry to have hurt you, but soooo happy you liked it! Thanks :D

food is always the answer

i obviously need to take notes from kyungsoo senpai

He's such a frightening, mentally unstable role model, but I'll be damned if he doesn't get results! Study hard and maybe you'll get your own Yixing, too! Thanks for leaving me so many sweet comments, it's so nice to see when people actually enjoy these dumb things I write. :D

I found this story a great read it rivals my favorite author RL Stine. This story was compelling and complex I thought I was right there with the characters. I want to make love to this story right meow.

Henry, I did not know you had learned how to use the computer. This would explain all the cat food that was delivered yesterday. And I thought your favorite author was J.K. Meowling.

kyungsoo here is still just as weird and scary to me as the first time i've read this fic. hahaha. but if he talks food to me like he did with yixing i might be helpless too. 👍👍👍

Lol CHICHIIIIII, "I'm so scared of him, BUT IT WOULD BE GREAT IF HE WOULD FEED ME!!!" All he needs is a bowl of hand-made potato chips and he'll be able to lure you into his dungeon ; ; I'm gonna pray for you.

yixing selling his soul for jelly-filled doughnuts is my aesthetic. i laughed way too much xD

I feel like over time, if Yixing is a good boy, Kyungsoo will make him other varieties of doughnuts. The full spectrum of doughnut types. It's really not that bad of a deal if you think about it. Thank you so much for reading, I'm glad you liked it!

''Was this what his grandmother was warning him about when he left for Korea?''
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA o my god I don't even know what to say this is the best

Thank you, I keep thinking about writing another laysoo because their dynamic has the potential to be so funny :D

"If being my smooth-voiced tiny friend qualifies you to be my boyfriend, then couldn't you say I was dating Jongdae, too?"

am pissed that jd didnt get to yixing first considering that he's such a pushover. marry me yixing

Jongdae is biding his time, he knows this thing with Kyungsoo won't last and in the meanwhile, his mom can teach him to cook. :P

Omg I love the way you portrait Kyungsoo, my baby Yixing is so adorable!

Sociopath-Kyungsoo is the only know I know.^^

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